Intuitive Readings, Reiki Healing and Spiritual Teaching

Intuitively helping you find YOUR path in life. 

Located on the island of Put-in-Bay, Ohio, in Lake Erie


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Intuitive Readings- I sometimes use cards or pendulum to help in this, and other times nothing is necessary. Answers to yes/no questions are often answered, so come with them. It's good to have a pen/paper with you to take notes. 

Reiki Healing- This is based upon the Japanese healing through Energy Work. This is a deeply relaxing time of release and can help in healing the entire body. You'll stay fully clothed and lay on a massage table with calming music, incense or candles, and sometimes sound therapy is also applied. Oftentimes, I can feel if something is "off" in your body help you figure out the emotional ties to the dis-ease of the body.

Spiritual Teaching- Professional, Spiritual, Emotional, Relationships, Wellness, & Financial. This is the circle of your life.  I'll guide you in determining where you are NOW and where you want to go. We'll target one or two areas of your the circle of your life that need the most help. You'll leave the session with goals and daily affirmations written especially for YOU. Like a teacher in a classroom, I'll send you away with applicable "homework" assignments that can help you in your daily life. But, of course, it's up to YOU to apply and complete the work. Weekly sessions available if needed.



My name is Christie and I hold a Masters in Education, Certification in Life Coaching and am a Reiki Master. I'm also clairsentient, which means I can feel impressions or or information from homes and other spaces. Oftentimes, those who have passed on can come through to me, also.  So, Intuitive is a word I use to describe myself, because most understand that term.

I've spent the past three winters on Maui but still come back home to Put-in-Bay each season to manage my businesses OntkOrganix and Freshwater Retreat & Remedies. Several years ago I actively advertised my Spiritual Services, but then life took over and I was unable to devote time enough to it. Things have changed for me in a delightful way, opening up time for me to commit to helping others through my Spiritual Teachings once again.

I don't claim to tell you or project your future, but instead, with your help, I can help guide you to your best path in life. However, it's up to YOU to make changes, when necessary. It's YOUR life.

I don't believe it's up to anyone but YOU to make your future. Can I "see" your future? No. What I can tell you is where your energy is NOW and the possible course you're on. 

But, you can and have the power, to change your future.  

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